How to Upload Your Music to SoundCloud | SoundCloud Upload

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Hello welcome to creative challenge, this challenge is going to show you how to upload your song to SoundCloud so other people can listen to it. So all you need to do is to go to SoundCloud site create an account with your email address.

For better understanding of this article, please watch the video tutorial at the end.

How to Upload Your Music to SoundCloud | SoundCloud Upload

It’s a free site you can use if you want to have a more professional site, you can pay money for that and it’s asking you there to pay five pound a month to go pro which will allow to upload more music and you get more information about your stats.

You can also put your favorite songs at the top of your playlist your favorite tracks that you’ve recorded, on top of your playlist or anybody company off site they’ll hear your favorite ones first and but it’s up to you if you want to pay that money or not. I would recommend you just go free for the first, you know a few months till you get used to it and decide after that what you want to do to upload some music you’re going to choose a file to upload.

So I’ve uploaded the mp3 file from my computer and I’ve uploaded an image you just have to click to upload the image and then you can give it a new title if you want to and you can add tags here.

it’s a pop track the tags so and human then you click on the quick thing to put the hash tag in I’m gonna put it without the space in case someone forgets to put this space and I’ll put the gyro as well and then it can put a description in the bottom I’m just going to put something like this raising my I’ve done the song and then you can save it so it’s already uploaded it so I’ll go to your track and there’s your track but then you’re complete if you want to listen to that later you can come back and listen to that later and so you’ve got your tracks now and then what you can do is you can have a look at this it’s got your profile and if you want to go pro you can click on that it shows you your stats but usually the day after it shows you your trucks and if you get any alerts like if they tell you you song spin-ups.

If the tenor your songs being blocked or anything that will come up here any messages will come up here so you can now upload a song to SoundCloud you know how to use audacity to create mp3 and now you can upload it to SoundCloud and let people listen to it this song is probably not even going to get listened to because it’s been around a long time.

If you want a lot of listeners you can the best thing to do really is to choose a song that’s current that has just gone into the charts or just about to go into the charts and then people find it because of you searching for it.

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But once the songs been out a long time and it’s barely gets listened to are still post songs that have been around a long time because I just get the buzz out of making the music and I like a lot of the old songs and it doesn’t really bother me that there’s not a lot of people listening to it. It’s the pleasure I get for making it, I don’t get any money from doing this.

They were purely for pleasure and Ed Sheeran’s not going to lose any money by doing this, no one’s going to listen to it for one thing and so even if I did do like a curving track and I did get a lot of listens.

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They’re not going to want my music or for a children’s or any other artists anyway so they’re not going to lose any money but sometimes it gets blocked because some of the user has done the same track using the same backing music and it gets blocked for that reason and so hopefully your music won’t get blocked.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy making music like I do so and get creative go and put your music on SoundCloud mp3.