Spotify vs Apple Music

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hey guys welcome back to the channel I’m

Charles Cleyn in this video i’m going to be comparing Spotify versus Apple music and why you might choose Spotify over Apple music. In different situations both have their benefits, both have their pitfalls. I’m a singer-songwriter myself you can check out some of my own music let me know what you think in a comment but I listen to a lot of music and for the last 10 years I had about seven years on Apple Music and three of the years on Spotify and the last three have. been Spotify so I have quite a good

grounding on the benefits and pitfalls

of both and I’m gonna go through those

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career as well so let’s get into it

though Spotify vs. Apple music how I

want to break down the comparison of

Spotify versus Apple Music is by going

over some categories. The categories are,

features, music, price, artists,

and device. I’ll give you enough so you

can understand the benefits and pitfalls

of each platform. First and most

important is music right off the bat. Apple Music

has more songs than Spotify.

Apple music to date has about 45 million

songs Spotify has about 35 million

you’re only going to really notice that

if you have a very niche interest music

if you listen to pop music then you will

have no problem both platforms will have

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande if

you’re interested in I don’t know crazy

unknown artists that maybe you listen to

in the 1920s Apple music might have it

Spotify might have it but there is also

a chance that both platforms don’t have

the song because they don’t have every

single song that was ever written or

played in the world so good thing to

know but not that important if you just

listen to pop music the biggest

differences are the algorithms and the

computer systems that lie underneath

Apple music and Spotify so if we’re

gonna compare Spotify versus apple music

and the discoverability of new music I

would say that Spotify is the clear

winner. Here is why,

Spotify can recommend music to you that

you have never heard before that are

aligned with your interests of the

current music that you listen to on

Spotify for example if you’re listening

to Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande there

are going to give you recommendations

that sound like Justin Bieber and Ariana

Grande but may not be that big yet so it

could be an artist from Germany who

sounds like Justin Bieber but she isn’t

that big yet so it’s going to be put on

your radar and you can find out about

this artist these specific playlists are

called discover weekly and they’re put

on your Spotify profile so every day you

can go into your discover weekly

playlist and check out new music that

you have never heard before from new

artists but they are in line with your

similar interests versus Apple Music

they’re algorithms of recommending new

music to you aren’t as strong in my

opinion as Spotify now Apple music does

have some type of a recommendation

engine where they do put music in front

of you that you have hearted or shared

and their recommendations do work in my

experiences when I’m on Apple music the

music that are recommending to me that

they think I would like just doesn’t fit

my interests as much as the

recommendations that have happened on

Spotify which align with my interests

much more. Both platforms have the social

sharing aspect to it you can have a

profile in Spotify and you can have a user

profile on Apple Music this social

aspect of music is more prevalent on

Spotify because they have these things

that you can follow your friends and you

can see what your friends are listening

to in real time so if I look on Spotify

right now I can see that my friend Steve

is listening to Mozart or something. It’s

interesting to know what your friends

are listening to in real time when it

comes to Apple Music you can follow your

friends and see what they’re listening

to but not in real time so that’s a

feature that Spotify has that is really

cool versus Apple Music they do not have.

Last thing when it comes to the category of

music is general playlists both

platforms do this really well both have

platforms based around mood. For example workout yoga music meditation music, high

pump up music, party music, relaxing music both platforms will have a lot of music

based around moods and they’re very good

and actually a lot of the songs in those

mood playlists are the same on Spotify

and Apple Music so you’re going to get a

lot of mood playlists you’re going to

get a lot of top 40, top 50, global hits

the biggest difference when it comes to

playlists are Spotify have these

playlists called collaborative playlists

so I can start a playlist and you can

add a song to it and then every week we

can add a new song that we both like and

at the end of the week or at the end the

month we’ll have a nice list of songs

that both of us have never heard before

and other random people can also add

songs to this playlist this is something

that Apple music doesn’t have so it’s

great for the discoverability of new

music or if you want to see what your

other friends are listening to or even

the artists that you like for example if

you’re a fan of Neil Young maybe he can

start a playlist and make it

collaborative of his music that he’s

listening to this summer and he puts a

list of songs and you can follow that

playlist and listen to the songs that

Neil Young is listening to which is

really cool and something that Apple

music doesn’t have so wrap up on the

category of music when it comes to the

discoverability of new music Spotify is

a clear winner there if you just listen

to pop music and you don’t really care

about new upcoming music each platform

will work for you they have great

playlists they have a lot of the same

songs and you’re gonna be fine on either

platform but if you like new unheard

upcoming music

Spotify is going to be the one for you

there okay let’s move on to the next

category of devices Spotify versus Apple

music you can use both these platforms

on your mobile devices and laptops both

have desktop applications and web

applications and mobile native apps so

when it comes to the user experience of

each app both are really really

well-done Apple is just so prevalent has

just such a clean UX Spotify also has a

really really nice design so either way

when it comes to your mobile device you

can use both platforms

each this is the difference when it

comes to voice platforms like Google

home Alexa series so I have a Google

home and I can’t use my Google home if

I’m listening to Apple music the only

platform that can hook into Google home

is Spotify so that is one of the biggest

reasons that I switch to Spotify because

I bought a Google home if you are an

Apple user you have an iPhone you have

an apple watch you use Apple in your car

Apple music is probably going to be the

platform that is best for you because it

just sinks into the iCloud and

everything is in one place you can be in

your car and you can say play Michael

Jackson and you can also tell Siri in

your kitchen to tell play Michael

Jackson on your phone so everything is

gonna be nicely in sync hey Siri play

Michael Jackson on Apple music sorry I

can’t believe that right now please try

again later

and she can’t play that obviously

because I don’t have a music let’s try

it Google hey Google Play some Michael

Jackson on Spotify what song is gonna be

so there you go

when it comes to devices there isn’t a

clear winner between Spotify versus

Apple music but if you’re an Apple user

and you have an iPhone Apple watch Apple

car maybe some day then maybe Apple

music is best for you if you have a

Google home and you kind of like switch

back and forth between Android and Apple

Spotify is probably the win in there for

you well let’s move on to the next

category which are artists and this is a

cool one to talk about and it’s not

really a concern for the consumer to

even think about actually I don’t even

think many people know about it who

aren’t artists so I’m a

singer/songwriter myself and I have my

music on Spotify I also have my music on

Apple music the only reason that Spotify

is in existence is from singer

songwriters putting their music on the

platform Apple music that is well but

also they are funded by Apple which is a

multi-billion dollar company Spotify

just has music so Spotify pays their

singer-songwriters 0.006 cents per

stream so if I listen to a 30 seconds of

my own song I get zero point zero zero

six cents Apple music if you listen to

one of my songs 30 seconds or more on

Apple music I get zero point zero one

two cents per stream both incredibly

small however Apple music pays their

artists two times as much as Spotify

which at scale is a lot of money that

they’re giving back to the artists to

produce more music Spotify is paying a

measly amount to their artists to

produce music here there’s a clear

winner that Apple music is supporting

singer/songwriter is way more than

Spotify is supporting that at the end of

the day these platforms exist because of

the singer-songwriters that are making

the music to be on these platforms

anyway something that’s not really going

to affect the listener but clear winner

therefore Apple music and some

to think about when you’re choosing a

music platform to stream music from the

next very important category are

features both platforms Spotify versus

Apple music have tons of features on

each side there are a lot of the same

features and there are a lot of

different features so I’m not going to

go over every single feature that

Spotify has and every single feature

that Apple music has but I am going to

touch on one feature that Apple music

has that Spotify doesn’t and one feature

that Spotify has that Apple music

doesn’t one feature the Spotify has

that’s really cool for music listeners

or is this thing called crossfade so

basically a crossfade blends one song

into another seamlessly so it doesn’t

have that awkward pause in the middle so

if you’re at a party or even if you’re

just sitting at home more or less though

if you’re at a party and you want the

songs to kind of blend to each other

kind of like you have your own DJ in

your living room

Spotify can do that with a click of a

button and it can cross feet each song

in a playlist which is really cool for

music listeners especially if you’re

hosting a party something that Apple

music doesn’t have yet one feature that

Apple music has that Spotify doesn’t is

you can EQ the music coming into your

headphones or speakers basically what

that means is every track has low sounds

mid sounds and high sounds and Apple

music gives you the flexibility of

changing the levels of the lows the mids

and the highs into which and whatever

you would like this is something Spotify

doesn’t have it’s a huge feature for

really passionate music listeners maybe

you’re listening to music on the

headphones and you really have a

specific EQ that you like listen to

music this is a really cool feature for

that not a huge concern if you’re just

listening to pop music or you don’t know

that much about sound engineering there

are also a lot of other cool features on

spotify when it comes to the share

ability of music like they have a really

cool connection with Instagram where you

can put a story and it gives a link

right to your Spotify QR codes

I mean Apple music has QR codes to that

the the feature list is endless when it

comes to Apple music and Spotify so I’m

not going to go over every feature but I

think I’m gonna crown Spotify as the

winner when it comes to features because

their features are more tailored to like

the majority population of consumers and

music listeners for example the

crossfade versus the EQ feature in Apple

music is really tailed to a minority set

of really passionate music listeners

last category is priced this is a pretty

quick one price is pretty simple when it

comes to both platforms Spotify versus

Apple music bot fi has the $10 a month

platform Apple music has the $10 a month

platform both have family plans where

you can get up to five accounts on a

family plan I think it’s five and it’s

about 15 dollars for each platform the

main difference here is Spotify has a

free version and you can download the

Spotify app and just listen to music for

free but you’re controlled and at

skipping I think you can only skip five

songs and you have to listen to ads

every two songs or so and after a while

that gets really annoying and so you’re

more likely to pay it’s a great business

model for Spotify just to gain that free

audience and then upgrade them later to

a paid account Apple music doesn’t have

a paid version but they have iTunes

which you can store your all the CDs and

vinyl you have in your house on digital

and you can listen to beats 1 radio

which is free radio and it has a lot of

music but it is radio so there are some

ads on there as well

so when it comes to price both are

basically the same but Spotify has the

huge up when it comes to gaining that

free audience and then upgrading them to

a premium account which they got me from

because I was listening to Apple music

is that at the time and I just decided

to get a free Spotify account to see

kind of what the features were like and

eventually they were giving me some

music that I’ve never heard before that

I was never getting on Apple music and

so I got used to the really positive

features that their service was offering

and so decided to upgrade premium and

then downgrade my Apple music account to

nothing anymore so crowned winner

Spotify for when it comes to prices so

if you haven’t been telling the crowned

winners in each of the categories when

we compare Spotify versus Apple music

the winner for me is Spotify but with

that said when it comes to music it is

so subjective, it is so individualistic that everyone

has their own needs features likes and

dislikes and I think Spotify does a

great job at taking a lot of those

things that most people like and most

people would want and putting them into

a product and so that’s why I’m going to

crown them as the winner in my

comparison of Spotify them versus Apple

music let me know what you think of this

video let me know if you’re more of an

Apple music fan or if you agree with

this video and you are a very true

passion and Spotify fan if you’re

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