Microsoft AZ-500 Exam: Relevant Tips To Succeed On Your First Attempt

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Microsoft AZ-500 Exam: Relevant Tips To Succeed On Your First Attempt Including Taking Advantage Of Practice Tests

With the demands of impeccable qualifications, Microsoft never fails to reinforce ones’ technical skillset. That is why passing the Microsoft AZ-500 certification exam surely helps you become a formidable Azure Security Engineer. This exam, otherwise known as Microsoft Azure Security Technologies, equips you with expertise in executing security controls and threat protection. Not only that, but it also enhances your ability in controlling identity, access, and security operations. Now, here are some ways to guarantee your success for the AZ-500 certification exam in just one try

  • Know what you are entering into

Of course, this tip might come as a no-brainer. But oftentimes, people just follow the trend and try their luck without really knowing what they’re getting into. Eventually, they end up frustrated and/or not motivated to prepare for the main exam. Hence, first and foremost, be acquainted with the potential job roles, responsibilities, and even pros and cons of taking the AZ-500 certification exam. As an associate-level evaluation, passing it earns you the Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate certification. As a rule, Azure Security Engineers tackle issues encountered on security posture by employing security tools, threat protection, and security incident escalations.

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  • Gather vital information through reliable prep materials

Preparing smart is the way to go in every certification exam. Review first the skills outlined on the official website to get a background of it. This also allows you to check for updates regarding the AZ-500 evaluation. As you browse through Microsoft, you’ll also come across free online sessions and the paid instructor-led course. Moreover, collections of practice questions are widely available online to aid your learning. Lastly, try navigating the Azure portal to expose yourself to the environment early on

  • Build a study schedule and stick to it

As adults, there’s always a lot on our plate, may it be personal, family, and work-related. Because of that, having a study schedule helps you be reminded of the current progress in your preparation. This also ensures that you do not overlook crucial concepts and skills that you need to work on. And more importantly, sticking to a defined schedule stimulates your brain to focus on studying the AZ-500 certification test intently during that time of the day.

  • Open your mind and expand your expertise

Having hands-on experience helps imprint your knowledge to your core. As mentioned earlier, navigating the Azure portal can help you comprehend the tested concepts wholly. Also, when using practice tests, be sure to understand the context and rationale behind the questions and answers. Solely memorizing the answers is a big no-no if you want to succeed in your first attempt as you can’t just remember tons of information without critical thinking.


It’s always best to familiarize ourselves before stepping into a new journey. The same goes when venturing with the Microsoft AZ-500 exam. Its associated designation embellishes your skills and increases your chances of earning your rightful spot. Needless to say, this requires hard work and the right prep materials to successfully pass the actual test. Surely, your diligence coupled with reliable practice tests can get you way ahead of the competition. Good luck!


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