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Download Titans Season 2 Episode 13 – Nightwing-

Titans: Season 2 has been a giant mess of a superhero series. An entertaining and sometimes engrossing mess, but still a mess. The series has repeatedly made the mistake on trying to take on too much at once and balance more characters than it can realistically manage. In “Nightwing,” the series finally tries to tie together all its loose ends and give fans the sort of closure that was utterly lacking in Season 1’s finale episode. True to form, it’s only partly successful in that end.Dick Grayson is one of the few characters to consistently fare well in Season 2.

These 13 episodes have followed a clear, purposeful arc, as Dick has tried to get the band back together, wrestled with the repressed demons of his past, atoned for his mistakes with Jericho and come out the other side a better, more confident leader.

It’s fitting that the series caps off this journey by finally delivering that long-awaited moment where Dick becomes Nightwing. You can’t say Titans hasn’t earned that moment by now.

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