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Rishi, a rich businessman, returns to India to mend ways with Ravi, his ex-classmate. On reaching, he learns about Ravi’s plight and becomes a saviour for the villagers in the process.

Initial release: 9 May 2019 (India)
Director: Vamshi Paidipally
Budget: 1.3 billion INR (2019)
Music composed by: Devi Sri Prasad
Producers: Dil Raju, Aswani Dutt, Prasad V. Potluri


Masharshi 2019 Plot

K. Rishi Kumar, an Indian man, becomes the CEO of a US based software company called “Origin”. Hailing from a middle class family in Hyderabad, he dreamed to make it big in the software industry and had a bittersweet relationship with his father K. Satyanarayana, a clerk in a private company who was constantly pressurized by moneylenders.

Soon, Rishi moved to Vizag for his post-graduation in engineering, and he became friends with Pooja and Ravi Shankar. Ajay, one of the class toppers, became jealous after seeing Rishi surpass him in all the exams. Ajay’s father, a politician and minister, offered Rishi money in exchange for stepping down as the topper, but Rishi refused and also thrashed his henchmen.

Later, Rishi declined Pooja’s marriage proposal, feeling that it would be a hindrance to his career ambitions. They broke up, and Rishi’s friendship with Ravi, who tried to mend their relations, also got spoiled due to a misunderstanding. Ajay got selected by a top company, Origin, with the highest package in the college. However, he came to know that Rishi developed an AI-based operation system and used it to get a much better opportunity with another company.
Ajay conspired to stop Rishi from attending the campus interview by accusing him of stealing the examination papers. However, Rishi was found innocent and allowed to write his exams. Within a short time period, he became the CEO of Origin. However, the death of his father left him shattered, following which he took his mother to the states.

The film goes back to the present, where Rishi is devastated to learn from his professor that Ravi took the blame for stealing the examination papers in order to save him. His father committed suicide, and his marriage with his lover Pallavi was stalled. Rishi reunites with Ravi at the latter’s village, where he learns that Ravi has been protesting alone against a company that plans to take away the village farmland for laying oil pipelines.

Rishi asks Vivek Mittal, the millionaire businessman behind this project, to exclude the village but the latter declines. Hence, Rishi sets up his own office in the village and attracts media attention. Pooja, now working in a gaming company, is sent by her boss along with friend to meet Rishi regarding a concept for a new game. Rishi talks to Pallavi’s father and helps fix the broken alliance. Ravi is then made the village leader to express their concerns of the people to the government.

Vivek offers more money as a compensation to the villagers and also gives money to one of the neighboring villagers to stop this issue. His henchmen nearly stab Ravi to death, but Rishi kills them all in the ensuing fight. Ravi is hospitalized, and Vivek uses the opportunity to tarnish Rishi’s reputation and get him driven out of the village. Learning of his father’s sacrifice, a disgraced Rishi returns to the village and surprises everyone by publicly beating up goons who try to kick him out. After an aged farmer inspires him to practice farming, Rishi helps the farmers grow crops by leasing them and paying more money than Vivek. Farmers realize the value of their land, and Pooja reconciles with Rishi.

In a press meet, Rishi makes everyone realize the worth of agriculture and the losses faced due to the farmers’ suicides. Rishi’s efforts are appreciated by the Chief Minister, and Ajay, now a banking official, exposes Vivek, thus ending the project. Rishi resigns as the CEO of Origin and decides to stay in his homeland promoting agriculture.

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